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Senior Project Manager - NE6

We are looking to hire talented Senior Project Managers

As a Senior Project Manager, you will be in charge of managing and leading project teams in order to provide our customers with comprehensive project management and delivery. 

You will be in charge of each project’s planning, control, and implementation, ensuring that all project objectives are met and projects are completed within agreed-upon timeframes and budgets. 

You must be technically savvy and be able to manage multiple projects at the same time that cover a wide range of technologies. You will also have excellent communication and customer service skills.

Our preferred tools



  • Define the project’s scope in collaboration with senior management and technical staff
  • Create a project completion schedule that effectively allocates resources to the activities
  • Carry out the project in accordance with the project plan
  • Monitor the project’s progress and make changes as needed to ensure the project’s successful completion
  • Establish a communication schedule to keep stakeholders, including appropriate staff within the organisation, up to date on the project’s progress
  • On a regular basis, review the quality of work completed with the project team to ensure that it meets the project standards
  • Update the project’s CRM records for management
  • Ensure that project deliverables are completed on time, within budget, and to the required level of quality
  • Evaluate the project’s outcomes as determined during the planning phase
  • Evaluate/report the project’s final status, including whether or not the project was completed on time, on budget, and within the time frame specified
  • Evaluate and report any lessons learned from the project to senior management


  • Use appropriate and effective communication tools and techniques
  • Create new and unique ways to improve the organisation and create new opportunities
  • Collaborate with others to establish goals, solve problems, and make decisions that improve effectiveness
  • Influence others in a positive way to achieve results that are in the best interests of the organisation
  • Evaluate situations to determine their importance, urgency, and risks, and make clear decisions that are timely and in the best interests of the organisation
  • Establish priorities, create a work schedule, track progress toward goals, and keep track of details/data/information/activities
  • Determine strategies for moving the organisation forward, set goals, develop and implement action plans, and assess the process and results

Our Benefits

  • Flexible Working Hours
  • 28 days holiday plus all bank holidays
  • Bonuses
  • Hardware & Software
  • Training & Development
  • Social Events
  • Open Office

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