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CV Sift

CV Sift revolutionises recruitment by enabling users to upload multiple CVs, which are then analysed by advanced AI to recommend the most suitable candidates based on specific criteria like industry, job title, years of experience, and educational qualifications.

CV Sift
CV Sift

The Challenge

This was an internal project at NE6. We challenged our development team to explore options to incorporate artificial intelligence within our digital solutions, particularly for the recruitment industry.

The NE6 team has designed, developed, and launched a unique tool powered by OpenAI, designed to help streamline the recruitment selection process. This innovative tool specialises in analysing CVs, aiding recruiters in identifying the most suitable candidates with remarkable efficiency.

The process is both straightforward and effective. Recruiters simply upload the CVs, select an industry and job title, and advanced AI technology diligently works to identify the ideal candidate.

CV Sift features an extensive selection of AI prompt options, enabling a bespoke approach to each recruitment challenge. The results are clearly presented in an intuitive format and, for added convenience, can be exported directly as PDFs.

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