Improving performance by optimising a reward system

Konquest; the world’s first platform to automate commission management for recruitment agencies.

The Challenge

What was identified by Konquest founder, Carl Jones, was that recruitment companies have struggled to identify a system to calculate, approve and payroll commissions effectively.

This process is largely being managed manually using spreadsheets. This approach is inefficient, lacks transparency and is prone to manual error.

There was an opportunity to launch a platform, based on well thought out UX/UI design to take on the challenge of manual processes and create a new SaaS product.

The Solution

At the core we were designing and building a secure data platform and dashboard that could cope with the range and variety of data required within the world of commission.

Working through user personas and user journeys we focused on the sign up and account creation process through to dashboard engagement for Konquest customers.

We ensured to provide the best user experience for all with integration of data and automation of process and gamifications being at the core of the Konquest design.

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  • Branding

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