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Pin Point Recruitment

Pin Point Recruitment has extensive experience managing both small and large contracts ranging from 1-300 personnel, as well as implementing key recruitment strategies that support organisational growth in order to achieve long-term and flexible employment solutions.

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The Challenge

Pin Point Recruitment enlisted our services to develop a comprehensive CRM system. Our objective was to create a versatile and user-friendly platform that catered to the needs of both candidates and clients. Crucially, the CRM needed to be compatible with desktop and mobile devices, ensuring seamless access and functionality across different platforms.

Through meticulous planning and development, we crafted a robust CRM system that empowered Pin Point Recruitment to effectively manage their candidate and client relationships. By incorporating responsive design principles, we ensured that the CRM seamlessly adapted to various screen sizes, delivering a consistent and optimised user experience on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

The result was a cutting-edge CRM solution that provided Pin Point Recruitment with the flexibility and convenience they needed to streamline their operations, foster strong relationships with candidates and clients, and effectively meet their staffing and recruitment objectives.

The Solution

For the development of a fully responsive CRM system, we opted for React.js as the technology of choice. Leveraging the power of React.js, we were able to create a highly adaptive and user-friendly CRM that seamlessly adjusted to different screen sizes and devices.

The CRM boasted a range of advanced features, including an advanced search functionality, allowing users to efficiently find and filter relevant data. Additionally, a dynamic activity timeline provided a comprehensive overview of interactions and updates, enabling users to track and manage their engagements effectively.

To enhance collaboration and organisation, the CRM incorporated media attachments, enabling users to associate relevant files and documents with specific records. Notes functionality allowed users to add context and insights, facilitating efficient communication and information sharing within the system.

One of the key highlights was the automatic job placement feature, which streamlined the process of matching candidates to suitable job opportunities. This automation increased efficiency, saving time and effort for Pin Point Recruitment and ensuring swift placements.

By leveraging the power of React.js and incorporating these advanced features, we delivered a cutting-edge CRM system that elevated Pin Point Recruitment’s operations, providing them with the tools necessary to enhance productivity, optimise candidate-client relationships, and achieve their business objectives.

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