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The UK’s leading salary sacrifice scheme for brand new electric vehicles.


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Pink Salary Exchange

Pink Car Leasing brings you a fully managed salary sacrifice car scheme. They supply over 5,000 new cars each year as one of the leading car leasing companies in the UK.

They have partnered with some of the UK’s leading vehicle tax specialists to provide Pink Salary Exchange, a next generation salary sacrifice car scheme product that offers so many more benefits to both the employer and employee than more traditional and rigid salary sacrifice schemes, resulting in lower costs all around.

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NE6 was entrusted by Pink Car Leasing to undertake the design and development of their website, which necessitated an advanced and customised WordPress integration with adaptable layouts. Among the primary objectives was to effectively elucidate the concept of Pink Salary Exchange and demonstrate its advantages for both employers and employees.

To encourage users to engage with the scheme and register for the Pink Salary Exchange Digital Platform, we incorporated clear and compelling call-to-action elements. These strategically placed prompts motivated visitors to take the desired actions, fostering increased participation and enrollment.

By combining innovative design, bespoke WordPress integration, and persuasive call-to-actions, we aimed to create a dynamic website that not only showcased Pink Car Leasing’s offerings but also effectively communicated the benefits of Pink Salary Exchange, driving user engagement and facilitating user registration.

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The cleverly designed and meticulously built Pink Salary Exchange website ensures a fully responsive experience, allowing customers to swiftly comprehend how they can save money through Salary Sacrifice. The intuitive design and seamless functionality of the website enable users to easily navigate and explore the benefits of participating in the program. By effectively conveying the potential savings and advantages of Salary Sacrifice, the website empowers users to make informed decisions and maximise their financial benefits.

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