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Premier Medical “provides expert opinions for legal and insurance industries, related to when people have been involved in car crashes and workplace accidents resulting in personal injuries”. Premier Specialist is a department of Premier Medical that focuses specifically on “catastrophic injury and clinical negligence cases”.

The challenge

In July 2019, Premier Medical partnered with NE6 to streamline their digital evidence reporting process to help customers win clinical negligence cases. Currently, the process relied on a designer to create a report shown in court, this took time and made edits frustratingly slow.

The report structure included a front cover with claimant demographics and an identification image, a contents page with a human avatar to mark the location of claimant injuries, report sections containing photos of injuries and a statement of authenticity page containing the photographer’s signature with a statement declaring no images have been tampered with.

The solution

Since its release, Premier Specialist Digiportal reduced report creation time from 1-2 days to just 5 minutes. Our React.js web platform allows users to log in securely, create reports using a simple form, drag and drop report photos to re-order, preview reports, download reports and edit old reports.

We delivered the platform in 2 releases, the first acted as a minimum viable product that tested the report creation functionality including drag and drop report photo re-ordering. In the second release, we introduced user accounts, report saving, and edit/delete old report functionality.

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