Quado is an international service helping architects and interior designers

Quado was started by David Lee Hood, an Architect who has been working in the design and architecture industry for over 10 years. He is passionate about improving efficiency on ‘behind the scenes’ tasks in order to make more time for doing the job you love – Being creative.

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The Challenge

In January 2020, Quado partnered with NE6 to build a service for architects and interior designers to find trusted material, furniture and accessory suppliers that could be counted on in both design and construction.

The Solution

Through Design Thinking exercises NE6 and Quado ideated on how users could interact with supplier adverts and leave the service wanting to use their products. NE6 then determined the solution architecture that would make these ideas possible.


Quado allows users to browse, share and communicate with approved suppliers so that architects and interior design teams can build long-lasting relationships that create beautiful buildings/environments time and time again.

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UX, UI, Development

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