Saxon Fitness

Manufacturers of exceptional bespoke gym equipment.


UX, UI, Development, E-Commerce


Saxon Fitness

Saxon Fitness is always eager to develop new equipment and takes pride in their exceptional bespoke offering. Metalworking runs in their veins. They can design, build, and install anything from a simple modification to a standard cage to a fully-bespoke home setup.

Saxon Fitness
Saxon Fitness

The Challenge

Our objective revolved around developing a brand-new e-commerce website that effectively showcased their vast range of products. Preserving their brand identity, emphasising their superior build quality, and highlighting their lifetime guarantees were crucial aspects of the project.

Ensuring a seamless transition from product exploration to completing sales transactions was of utmost importance. To achieve this, we prioritised a simple and clean user experience that facilitated intuitive navigation and effortless purchase journeys. By focusing on a streamlined user interface, we aimed to enhance customer satisfaction and optimise the overall e-commerce experience for visitors.

Saxon Fitness
Saxon Fitness
Saxon Fitness

The Solution

We meticulously crafted a fully responsive e-commerce website that effortlessly adapts to various devices and screen sizes. To enhance the product presentation, we implemented dynamic features such as interactive product galleries, 360-degree rotations, and extensive product variations with customisable options.

To facilitate secure and seamless transactions, we integrated a Stripe payment gateway, ensuring a smooth checkout experience for customers. Additionally, we seamlessly incorporated a third-party review platform to gather and showcase authentic customer feedback, building trust and credibility.

Through these strategic integrations, we aimed to provide a comprehensive and immersive online shopping experience, fostering customer engagement and satisfaction.

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